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Our translators take your company's communications to a whole new level, ensuring timely top-quality translations.

We use technology as a tool, not a translator

Specialized professional translators

Our team is made up of highly-qualified translators with experience in different industries

Scalability of your translation projects

Leveraging our specialized translation tools, our team is able to deliver both small and large projects homogeneously thanks to the creation of dedicated glossaries for your company.

Stress-free projects

Having our qualified translators in your team, ensures the consistency and high quality of your company's communications. And you can rest assured, in case there is something to fine tune our guarantee policy ensures the project is not closed until your message is properly conveyed.

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Some of our services

Text Translation

This type of translation is normally used when it is NOT necessary to comply with any specific requirements for its presentation before any particular entity. It is the most broadly used translation type (corporate videos, handbooks, contracts, communications, presentations, etc.).

Sworn Translation

A sworn translation is necessary when the documents to be translated must have a legal support since they will be presented before an entity that requires it. It is normally used in the translation of certificates, contracts (depending on their nature), import or export documents, diplomas, school transcripts, etc.

Remote Simultaneous Interpreting (RSI)

The world has changed due to the pandemic, so we keep working to move forward. Our team has experienced professionals specialized in Remote Simultaneous Interpreting (RSI) and thanks to the advance of technology and the hard work of our associates, we obtain high-quality results in remote environments as good as those achieved in face-to-face events.

Audio/Video Transcription

Transcription is the first step for video subtitling and translation of audios that will be later on disseminated. In many cases is also used to have a written record of an audio file.


We transcribe, translate and subtitle your company's corporate videos, either for internal, external, educational, entertainment or informative use. We have different options so that your company can use this tool in the best way.

Consecutive Interpreting

This kind of interpreting is common in scenarios in which the use of interpreting tech devices is restricted or not allowed due to the environment and nature of the event. In this modality the speaker communicates through phrases that are subsequently interpreted by our associate while the speaker pauses.

Your company's communications in expert hands

All of our translators and interpreters have 5+ years experience in document translation and event interpreting for different industries, and with the use of state-of-the-art software we:

Speed-up delivery times for the completed document

Improve the quality of each one of your projects and events

Ensure term accuracy especially in technical texts and events

Translated words

Interpreted hours

Impacted industries

"Translation is that which transforms everything so that nothing changes"

– Günter Grass

We'll let our customers tell you about us

Working with ESC is working with the best team out there. They helped us with the transcreation of an international research, in which they conveyed the meaning in a native way and with the voice of our company in each phrase. They are highly recommended".

– Pamela Escobar

"I am thankful with Esc Translate for their professionalism, responsibility and collaboration in my investigation project".

– Wilker Bernal

"Esc helped us with the process of establishing our subsidiary in Canada. It was a clear, efficient and very professional process. Without doubt, we will continue working with Esc for all our activities involving different language translations."

– José Sabogal

"I really admire the text translation work in which Esc has supported us throughout the past years. Besides their professionalism and being detailed-oriented, the quality and the fact that they make you part of the process in order to get solutions as a team are some of the many qualities that make them unique".

– Alejandra García

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