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Our professional translators hand in hand with state of the art technology make your company's communication flawless.

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The written communication of your company is vital so that the relationship with clients, associates, suppliers and partners is clear and accurate. Thus, the esc team is made up of translators and professionals with a broad experience in different industries who work with state of the art professional translation tools in order for you to have the best service from the quote process up to the final delivery.

'Without translation, I would be limited to the borders of my own country. The translator is my most important ally. He introduces me to the world."

Italo Calvino

Our Services

This type of translation is normally used when it is NOT necessary to comply with any specific requirements for its presentation before any particular entity. It is the most broadly used translation type (corporate videos, handbooks, contracts, communications, presentations, etc.).

A sworn translation is necessary when the documents to be translated must have a legal support since they will be presented before an entity that requires it. It is normally used in the translation of certificates, contracts (depending on their nature), import or export documents, diplomas, school transcripts, etc.

Transcription is the first step for video subtitling and translation of audios that will be later on disseminated. In many cases is also used to have a written record of an audio file.

We transcribe, translate and subtitle your company's corporate videos, either for internal, external, educational, entertainment or informative use. We have different options so that your company can use this tool in the best way.

We are a team

When you choose Esc Translate you are not only hiring a translator but a whole team of experts that will be in charge of your documents accordingly, which is ideal when translating large documents.

Technology & Professionalism

By working with high-level professionals and the best translation tool in the market (SDL Trados), we make sure you can communicate accurately, conveying your message in a natural and professional manner.

Promptness & Quality

We translate your documents efficiently, we have an average of 4,000 per day and for special cases we could reach up to 10,000 words always making sure we provide you with the best quality.

We learn &

We adapt

It’s clear for us that your company must always communicate in the same way, therefore, and with the help of our software, the experience of our translators and your continue support, we create specialized glossaries in which we record the way your company convey messages having as a result uniform translations.

José Sabogal

Executive Director

Esc helped us in our set-up process of our affiliate in Canada. It was a clear, efficient and very professional process. Without doubt, we will continue working with Esc for all our activities that involve translations to different languages.”.

Wikler Bernal Torres

Internal Medicine Specialist

I am thankful with Esc Translate for their professionalism, responsibility and collaboration in my investigation project".”.

Andrea Barrero

Communications and Marketing Director

"Since 2020, we have been working with the Esc Translate team, having a great experience thanks to the quality and agility in the translation of informative articles and news regarding the foreign investment in Valle del Cauca, allowing us to reach a broader English speaking audience. It is a team that is highly committed to the region and the country".

Pamela Escobar

UX Consultant, Usaria

"Working with Esc Translate means partnering with a great-quality team and working with experts in the matter.
They helped us with the transcreation of an international research, in which they conveyed the meaning in a native way and with the voice of our company in each phrase. They are highly recommended".

Alejandra García

Communications Manager

"I really admire the text translation work in which Esc has supported us throughout the past years. Besides their professionalism and being detailed-oriented, the quality and the fact that they make you part of the process in order to get solutions as a team are some of the many qualities that make them unique".

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