Simultaneous Interpreting

Our seasoned team of interpreters is ready to provide best-in-class interpreting services in both remote and face-to-face environments.

In order to convey a message, translating is not enough.

Our team is mede up of seasoned interpreters that go beyond interpreting, regardless of the environment, a small meeting or a large multilungual event. We understand how important it is for you and your company to properly convey an accurate message, so we get ready by thoroughly studying an analyzing all material provided by you and available in your industry. 2.000+ interpreting hours rendered in the last 8 years support our work and experience.

Our Services

The world has changed due to the pandemic, so we keep working to move forward. Our team has experienced professionals specialized in Remote Simultaneous Interpreting (RSI) and thanks to the advance of technology and the hard work of our associates, we obtain high-quality results in remote environments as good as those achieved in face-to-face events.

We will meet again soon! This is why we are ready for such a desired moment. We have the best tech crew and equipment so that no detail is missed in your multilingual event. Wether a great hybrid event (Remote & Onsite) or a small face-to-face meeting, we have the best solution for your company.

This kind of interpreting is common in scenarios in which the use of interpreting tech devices is restricted or not allowed due to the environment and nature of the event. In this modality the speaker communicates through phrases that are subsequently interpreted by our associate while the speaker pauses.

Whispering is used in scenarios where the use of interpreting tech devices is restricted or not allowed due to the environment and nature of the event. In this modality the interpreter whispers in a simultaneous manner whatever is heard during a small meeting and helps you communicate with the other participants. Due to the current emergency situation this modality is not available.

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Why choosing esc


Our team of interpreters and tech crew has broad experience in both remote and onsite multilingual events with over 2.000 interpreting hours rendered providing the best stress-free experience.

World-class Tech Crew

We have an awesome and experienced tech crew that makes sure your event is smooth in terms of connection and interaction of attendees, moderators, speakers and every person involved in you event every single minute.


We adapt to the context of any event. Wether a meeting, forum, webinar or even training course, we provide you with the option that best fits your event so that the business is as stress-fee as possible.


Quality is the foundation of our services. Through out the process, including quote, setup, interpretation and invoicing, all of our professionals (humans NOT machines) make sure every step throughout the chain is carefully taken by following up and monitoring each and every stage.

Juan Carlos Salguero

Sales Manager – Head of Entity

"We have worked with ESC Translate in different specialized technical trainings where they have rendered the simultaneous interpreting service. They have shown great professionalism and reliability in all phases of the service, flexibility to adapt to our requirements, and specially, a highly-talented team of interpreters".”.

Olga Sinisterra

General Manager

"I consider the job was flawless. I think that in addition to their skills as simultaneous interpreters, they are very thorough while preparing the event in order to control any setback and anticipate the proper operation of the session. Without a doubt I would work with ESC again".“.

Martha María Echeverri B

General Manager

"I want to thank you for your commitment, reliability and excellent quality of the simultaneous interpreting service provided by you during the Pipeline Technology Conference in 2020. We are fully satisfied".“.

Pamela Escobar

UX Consultant, Usaria

"ESC's simultaneous interpreting service allows us to take the experience of our clients to a new level of professionalism and closeness. Their interpretations are accurate and they have broad knowledge of the software used for videoconferences and simultaneous interpretations, which allows us to get closer to our client, even during the pandemic".“.

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