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What is your turnaround time for text translation?

Our standard turnaround time for small documents is 4.000 words/day but we can go up to 20.000 words/day maintaining our high-quality deliverables, it all depends on your needs, the size of the projects and the complexity of the texts. Contact us to get a free quote.

When is it necessary to have 2 interpreters?

2 interpreters are necessary when your events are 2+ hours long, with the purpose of rendering the highest-quality service since after this period of time the mental fatigue of the interpreter may alter the quality of the service.

When do I need a sworn translation?

These kind of translations are normally required by governmental entities and sometimes by education institutions. However, all cases are different and depend on who requires the documents. In all cases, you can rest assured since any of the Text translation services we provide at ESC will have the same world-class quality.

Is there a service that is not rendered due to the restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic?

90% of our services is up and running, most of them are being provided remotely. Those that are still restricted and subject to government guidelines are those that require closeness such as on-site consecutive interpreting (in some cases) and whispering. All our other services remain active.

If I need a sworn text translation, how do I get the paper-based translation?

We are located in Colombia and we only process sworn translations from and to Colombia. For the city of Bogotá we deliver the paper-based translations every Friday to the address you provide. For the rest of the country these are sent through a currier and you pay the document transportation on delivery.

Can you provide services in other countries?

Due to the pandemic, most of our services are being rendered remotely (text translations, simultaneous and consecutive interpretations, english classes), but if you require an on-site service we have allies around the country and some Latin American countries. 

Do you have any teacher training?

We are exited to tell you that we are currently working on several teacher training programs including: Online Teaching Techniques, Advanced Phonetics, TKT, TELF and CELTA preparation.

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