Corporate English Training

Wether your associates need to be trained in English for a specific purpose or you just simply want your team to be more competitive in this globalized world, we have the experience to face the challenges of every situation, making sure each one of the members of your team is fully trained to deal with customers, suppliers or stakeholders in a second language.

We are ready for our next challenge

Our team's 10+ years experience teaching English as a second language has focused on a business environment in companies from various industries creating English programs for both large and small groups that range between 50 hours/month and 400+ hours/month with several REAL simultaneously active teachers.

We have transformed to create a dynamic and effective remote environment to boost your team's bilingual communication skills.

Looking after each other drove us to seek teaching alternatives to move forward. To give continuity to our training programs, we have trained our team in online teaching techniques to maintain the natural energy and dynamism of our programs yielding very positive results.

6 Reasons to choose ESC's Corporate English Training Program

Continuous Learning

For us, learning is an endless process. So, we put our best efforts on learning every day from our students and their industries. Through internal training sessions we share the lessons learned in each one of the companies that we work with leveraging previous challenges for seizing new opportunities.

Focus on the Industry

Corporate Programs not only require class preparation regarding the language itself, these programs require a deep knowledge of all those topics relevant for each of the students and their roles. So, we dedicate an important amount of time to understand the industry and its most common challenges and scenarios.

Certifications & Experience

All of our teachers are specialized in corporate training, they are certified in teaching a second language and in remote/virtual teaching, they have at least 5+ years of experience and a strong teaching vocation which guarantees that your team will always be supported by the best professionals.

Focus on the Student

Your students' skills, tastes, tasks and needs will always be the focus of our classes by identifying the learning profiles of each one of them, therefore proposing relevant and significant topics tackling the weaknesses of each person in a tailored way through exercises that will help them to reach the desired level.

Organized Scalability

Thanks to the tech tools that we implement in our trainings and by getting to know the culture and ethos of the company we will be able to escalate the training to other associates, generating a bilingual culture, creating synergy spaces and promoting the commitment of each member of your team.

Real People, Real Results

In the last 8 years we have been part of the learning process of 400+ students who have improved their communication within their companies and have boosted their productivity since for ESC they are more than a number, they are real people with real goals.

Juan Carlos Salguero

Sales Manager – Head of Entity


"We have worked with ESC Translate in different specialized technical trainings where they have rendered the simultaneous interpreting service. They have shown great professionalism and reliability in all phases of the service, flexibility to adapt to our requirements, and specially, a highly-talented team of interpreters".”.

Olga Sinisterra

General Manager


"I consider the job was flawless. I think that in addition to their skills as simultaneous interpreters, they are very thorough while preparing the event in order to control any setback and anticipate the proper operation of the session. Without a doubt I would work with ESC again".“.

Martha María Echeverri B

General Manager


"I want to thank you for your commitment, reliability and excellent quality of the simultaneous interpreting service provided by you during the Pipeline Technology Conference in 2020. We are fully satisfied".“.

Pamela Escobar

UX Consultant, Usaria


"ESC's simultaneous interpreting service allows us to take the experience of our clients to a new level of professionalism and closeness. Their interpretations are accurate and they have broad knowledge of the software used for videoconferences and simultaneous interpretations, which allows us to get closer to our client, even during the pandemic".“.

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